A Truck's Manual Transmission Ends A Criminal's Escape From The Law

June 15, 2017


When it comes to protecting your car from being stolen, you may want to buy one with a manual transmission.  Randy Dewayne Vert was arrested outside Birmingham, Alabama Wednesday morning after leading police on a car chase with tops speed breaking 25mph.  Sheriff Deputies responded when a delivery truck was reported stolen.  As units responded they noticed the car thief wasn't in a hurry to get away.  Apparently the delivery truck had a manual transmission and Randy Dewayne Vert didn't know how to get it out of first gear.  As the chase moved onto Interstate 59 at 25-30mph, the trucks transmission eventually burned up and the truck stopped.  Randy Dewayne Vert was charged with first-degree theft of property, reckless endangerment, attempting to elude and resisting arrest.


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