Truck Tailgates Targets For Thieves

March 30, 2017

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It's Thursday, March 30th, do you know where your truck tailgate is? As odd of a question as it may sound, thefts of truck tailgates is a real thing and it appears to be growing.  According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the number of truck tailgate thefts nationwide jumped from 430 claims in 2010 to 1,895 in 2014 and Florida ranks 3rd in the nation behind Texas and California. The truck tailgate of choice?  Those from late model Ford pickup trucks.  The Ocala Police department says three have been reported stolen this month alone and records from January last year to now show a total of 13 tailgate thefts. Apparently thieves have developed a preference for the Ford truck tailgates because of the technology incorporated in it makes it a profitable item in the underground market, considering it takes about 30 seconds to detach it from the truck. However Ford trucks are not the sole target as other brands have been victimized too.

Many truck owners are using hose clamps secured around the hinge of the tailgate to make it more difficult to steal.  Check out his "how to" video (instructions about 1:45 into video):

However simply locking the tailgate can prevent theft too but many truck owners forget to lock it or choose not to for convenience.  A good suggestion to prevent theft is to park with the rear of your vehicle backed up close to a building or residence to prevent the tailgate from being able to be let down.

SOURCE: Ocala Star Banner & The Crime Prevention Guy

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