The Trick To Keeping Your Laptop Battery From Dying Too Early

October 20, 2016

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The only thing worse than a dead cell phone battery is a dead laptop. The racing to save your work when your laptop begins to shut down to conserve critical power or just blanks out because its juice is gone.  But you can work to prolong your laptop's battery by not letting it get super low before charging.  According to experts, your battery life depends on something called depth of discharge, or how much power has been used up.  So by charging your battery more often rather than letting it drain all the way will extend the life of your laptop battery.  The same principle should be applied to your cell phone or any lithium battery and here's why.  Testing has shown for a laptop battery that is only charged once it has been fully discharged, you can expect to get 300 to 500 discharge cycles before it will be time for a replacement. However if you plug in your laptop when the battery has about 40% of a charge left, you can expected to get as many as 4700 discharges out of it. In fact, battery experts says to keep your laptop battery charged between 40% and 80% for optimum battery life. And if you’re chained to a desk and know you’ll be running AC power on a regular basis on your laptop, it’s probably best to remove the battery entirely if you can.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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