Trendy Knee-Ripped Mom Jeans Covered With Plastic

March 14, 2017

© Eti Swinford | Dreamstime

Retro has always been a fashion movement but The MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans crosses the line from cool to creepy.  The best way to describe it is a jeans for generations.  In case you missed it, the Gen X ripped knee jeans are back in style for the Millennial.  Also back from Gen X are the high-waist, tapered jeans with a stone mid-blue wash, now known affectionately as "mon jeans." But the Clear Panel Mom Jeans go back to your grandparents as the holes over the knees completely covered in clear plastic attached to the denim, just like Memaw's couch! Plastic knee jeans are the brainchild of Topshop, a youth-oriented and profitable brand sold worldwide. Of course, as hideous as they sound, they could be the "must-have" for kids and young adults wanting to rebel against society. The MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans sell for $95 at Top Shop's web site and at Nordstrom.

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