Travel Company Creates Mystery Vacations That Keep You Guessing Until Your Leave

May 2, 2017

Just mentioning vacation you can see a twinkle in the eye of a weary worker.  But just as family try and figure out where to go for dinner, picking a place to vacation may lead to an infinite loop of "I don’t know/care.”  A travel company in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has come up with a unique way to delight vacationers. Pack Up + Go will plan your trip, make all the flight and hotel reservations, provide you with a map of your destination and even offer day-by-day itineraries for things to see and do along the way.  But you will not know your destinations until you leave for the trip. So called "mystery tours" have been a thing in Europe for years but relevantly unknown in the States. Pack Up + Go founder, Lillian Rafson, knew it could work here after learning of it while traveling in Europe.  It works with you filling out a questionnaire, which includes if you want to drive, fly or sail.  If you like rustic, themed or luxurious accommodations, you vacation budget and vacation dates.  That's it. Pack Up + Go handles everything else.  Based on your selections, you can anticipate some excitement, unlike winning a trip on a game show, of finding out what exciting location you are off to the day your vacation starts.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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