Tragic Story Reminds Us To Update Our Pet's Microchip Information

October 11, 2016


When you move, you update your address with your bank, relatives, magazines and even your Facebook account.  But don't forget to update your pet's microchip information too.  A tragic lesson learned by Kristi Durham and her husband of Lakeland.  The couple, along with their special needs 3 year old beagle, named Lefty, had moved into a new home from Auburndale two months ago.  Last Thursday, Lefty, who had sight and hearing problems as well as head trauma was rescued from a shelter as a puppy and managed to escape the couple's fenced back yard.  Almost immediately, Kristi says she and her husband scoured the neighborhood looking for Lefty and posting missing dog information on Facebook pet groups.  Friday morning, Kristi says her husband went to three different shelters to see if Lefty had been turned in.  Indeed he had been turned in at the Polk County Animal Control Shelter, where the devastating news that Left had been almost immediately euthanized; being he ws constantly circling around due to his head trauma, being partly blind and deaf too.  The shelter did scan Lefty and discovered his microchip, but the Durham's phone number given to them by the chip company wasn't valid. They later discovered a couple of the digits had been mixed up. Add to the confusion was an address that hadn't been updated since they moved to Auburndale in August.  The shelter released a statement saying they are deeply saddened by the incident but because they could not locate the owners and due to the health problems of the dog, the vet decided Lefty needed to be put down.  The incident has prompted pet owners to make sure their pet's microchip information is current and correct. Besides updating with the microchip companies, contact your local shelter and register your register your pet with the county and get it licensed, records that can be pulled up if your pet ends up in the shelter.


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