Toys From the 1980s Are Selling For Big Bucks

August 30, 2017

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Children of the 80s are paying top dollar for toys of their childhood. From American Girl Dolls to Garbage Pail kids, Gen Xers are willing and able to pay thousands of dollars to get their hands on 30 year old toys.  For instance, the G.I. Joe Motorized Battle Tank sold in 1982 can bring up to $950. An Optimus Prime transformer sealed in its original box can fetch you a cool $1,000. Mint condition Teddy Ruxpin and its working cassette tapes can fetch you up to $1,000. But 80s childhood nostalgia goes beyond toys, first editions of Jumanji and Polar Express  books are selling from between $600 and $800. A box of Kellogg's C3PO's cereal recently sold for $200. A pair of the 80s Air Jordans shoes, can grab you some quick cash.  Although you may have one of these rarities, more likely is you have a box of VHS tapes stuffed in the garage or closet.  Take a peek at them as some cult-favorite horror movies are commanding a hefty price tag online.  CLICK HERE for the complete list of hot 80s toys.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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