Town Terrorized By Aggressive Turkeys

November 4, 2016

© Rinus Baak | Dreamstime

The wild turkey population is alive and healthy and perhaps has grown wise to our Thanksgiving traditions.  In Davis, California, an ever-growing population of aggressive turkeys is terrorizing the town.  One particularly aggressive Turkey, known as "Downtown Tom," prompted several residents of Davis, California to call local police for help.  One call with an obviously embarrassed woman asks for help to get into her office when one of the turkeys is blocking her path.  The city has even posted signs offering tips on how to handle the turkey. Officials recommend clapping your hands and shouting at the bird -- not running away from it -- and using whatever you’re carrying to block its approach toward you. The city has approved $20,000 to relocate the 40 or so turkeys to another location but a death warrant for Downtown Tom as a new ordinance passed last week that allows the city to euthanize aggressive turkeys. So far he has escaped the long arm of the law.  On Tuesday, wildlife officials attempted to catch Downtown Tom without success. However, the half-mile chase pushed the bothersome bird out of downtown, where they hope he’ll stay.


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