Tow Easy Tricks To Keep You On Track For A Perfect Body

March 14, 2017


As we prepare for warmer days and trip to the pool and beach, now is when you stop noticing changes to your body.  You aren't losing any more weight or your muscle tone seems to have plateaued.  Before giving up out of frustration there are two very easy tricks to boost your body into getting back into shape! #1-Add variety.  Running on the treadmill can become boring workout after workout and if you mind has become uninterested, your body does the same as it has become accustomed to the same routine and stops changing.  So switch from the treadmill to the elliptical machine or perhaps a fitness class for your aerobic workout.  Same for weight machines.  Use a different machine that targets the same muscle groups. #2-Don't let others rule your workout.  While you are lifting 2lb hand weights, the person next to you is lifting 190lbs, so why even attempt to lift your pewny light weights?  Because even that person who is lifting the weight of a vending machine with ease, they also had to start somewhere (possibly with 2lb hand weights).  Many people get discouraged seeing others running longer, lifting more and sweating harder.  Remember the only competition in the gym is the one with yourself.  If it still bothers you, look into changing the time you work out to a less congested time or in a group of people all at the same fitness level.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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