Tourists Arrested For Wearing Skimpy Mankinis For Group Photo

November 16, 2017

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Here's a tip, no one should ever wear a mankini, which is sling swimsuit loops around a man's neck and his private parts most notably used by the Sacha Baron Cohen character, Borat.

The problem doesn't lie in the mankini itself but in the country of Kazakhstan, where the fictional Borat in the movie, "Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," tours the United States making a documentary. The comedy has many outrageous situations, which includes a scene where Borat wears the "bathing suit" while sunbathing on the banks of a muddy river.  But many people in Kazakhstan felt the Borat character defamed their nation in portraying it as a racist, sexist and primitive.  It would be safe to assume the one thing they hate more than Borat is the mankini, which is based on an eastern European weightlifter's leotard combined with a high cut men's thong.  So when six tourist visiting from the Czech Republic decided to take a group photo in Kazakhstan's capital wearing nothing but black afro wigs and mankinis, it resulted in them being arrested for "indecency" and fined about $67 each. Borat remains a controversial figure in the Central Asian state where Kazakhstan banned the film and sales of the DVD. The government also threatened to sue Baron Cohen even through the foreign minister in 2012 publically thanked Cogen for boosting tourism to Kazakhstan.


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