Tornado carries Couples Wedding Memories To Another State

March 9, 2017

© Solarseven | Dreamstime

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday signaling the return of spring (March 20) and with the change in seasons, the chance of severe weather increases.  Residents in Crossville, Illinois have already seen a tornado come through their town, destroying many homes Charlie and Kim Jacobs'. Last month around 10pm a massive tornado ripped through the town of town and destroyed the Jacob's home. All of their possessions were scattered across acres of land.  However a baggie containing the couple engagement picture, wedding day invitations and the bride's garter, all still intact and laying in Tracy Vinson's farm, 50 miles way in Hazleton, Indiana!  Tracy took to social media to try and find the couple and within a few hours, they were identified.  Just like Tracy, Charlie and Kim Jacobs were amazed their wedding memories ended up 50 miles away in another state.  The two parties met and now at least the Jacobs still have those memories that can't be replaced.


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