Top 10 Wishes of Workers For A Better Worklife

August 10, 2017

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There is a lot of things workers wish for in the office.  Besides more money and time off, companies have a hard time recruiting and retaining good workers.  Although many have found creative ways to swoon workers, it appears the simplest way to keep good people and create positive morale is a functional desk.  That's the result of a study of over a 250,000 workers to a survey.  It found workers want desks that oversized desks that once held large computer monitors and typewriters are outdated and not practical.  Sit-stand desks are popular and the most-requested desk type. a comfortable chair was second on the list. Chairs that are comfortable and ergonomic increase productivity and can be credited with less sick days. 85% of survey respondents say a availability of Tea, coffee, and other refreshment is important.  General cleanliness is fourth and thermostat control is number 5. Some workers prefer warmer conditions and other prefer it cooler.  Letting people work where the AC is stronger or weaker too find the perfect temperature is not such a bad idea.  Rounding out the top 10 are: #6-Small meeting rooms. #7-Restroom privacy. #8-Functional printing, copying and scanning equipment. #9-Natural light. #10-Nearby restaurant or canteen.


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