"Tis The Shoplifting Season

November 7, 2016


Yes, Christmas is here!  Well, technically it is still 47 days away but the commercials have started and the store shelves are twinkling. But as retailers look for brisk Christmas sales, thieves are also getting into the spirit and using the increased crowds as cover for shoplifting.  But as the hot items of the year change, so do the stolen goods.  According to the Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast, shoplifting increases around 37% in November and December as many justify theft when the stealing isn't for them but rather for someone else. That might explain why electronic accessories, such as cell phone cases are the number one most-stolen item for the holidays.  Followed by leather clothing, electronics, winter clothing, meat and seafood, alcohol, perfume/cologne, children's toys and gourmet chocolates.

SOURCE: The Consumerist

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