Tips For Working In The Same Office With Your Best Friend

June 5, 2018

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Working with your friend or family member brings its own challenges.  As incredible as it may sound spending the entire day with your bestie AND getting paid, it can add a lot of stress upon your friendship and lead to some awkward family get together. So here are some steps you can take, though, to ensure your relationship with a coworker who’s also a friend or family stays strong. Set conversational boundaries. Make a list of the things you won’t talk about while at work, whether in person, text or messenger. Make sure to also list the positive, funny things that throw you off your groove. If yo both like America's Got Talent, perhaps it's not a good convo for the office as it will be more of a distraction. Find backup buddies. During lunch and breaks, make a conscious effort to talk to other people. If you start to develop a rapport with a few coworkers, ask them to get drinks or coffee with you to strengthen that bond. That way if you run into problems during the workday or get to collaborate on a project, you can turn to someone other than your friend or family. Don’t hang out too much outside of work. Try to diversify your social life outside of work, not just inside it. Say you work at the same office as your best friend — that doesn’t mean your friend should always be your go-to partner for going out, seeing movies or getting brunch, to name a few activities. As wonderful as your best friend is, you see them all the time. Try reaching out to other friends you don’t get to see as much, or new friends you want to get to know better. Finally, have patience with each other. You and your close friend or family member spend a lot of time together if you’re also coworkers. People in close proximity often push each other’s buttons, so try to be patient.

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