Tips for Staging Your House For A Quick Sale

September 8, 2016


The housing market is in much better shape than it has been over eh past few years.  That also means there is more competition to sell your house.  So when its time for an open house, here are some easy staging tips to help your house fly off the market.  #1 on the list? Color!  Experts say the biggest trick to staged homes is that there’s continuity and flow from room to room. So pick three colors and use all three in every room throughout the house. , then the living room should have gray walls, a light gray couch, yellow throw pillows, and a white rug. In another room, you should have different shades of the same colors (or even the same shades) mixed up throughout the room. Swap out dated hardware in the kitchen.  Time after time, buyers can be swayed with a quick update of cabinet door handles and knobs.  Plus it's a lot cheaper than a full kitchen reno. Neutralize your walls.  That bright red accent wall may be a turn off as well as plain white walls.  Keep the walls gray, oatmeal, or cream, and save the pops of color for accessories such as your window treatments or small appliances. Finally, declutter! A good rule of thumb is the 80-20 rule.  Keep 20% of the items you use 80% of the time.  That goes for your pictures furniture and bedding.  If the room is cluttered, it looks small. So put those items in storage until your home is sold.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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