Tips To Keep Your Houseplants From Wilting Away

October 5, 2017

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Not all of us are good with houseplants, which is a shame because pants can improve indoor air quality and can add really tie a room together.  So we've found some easy tips to turn your thumb green and keep those houseplants living a happy life in your home.  The most common advice of watering the number one reason houseplants die.  It’s not from a lack of being watered but rather they're watered too much.  So keep a watering schedule (set one up in your phone) as a guide so you don't forget to water it.  But before you water, check to see if the plant actually needs it.  Lift the pot. If it’s heavy, that means that the soil is full of water. If it’s light, it’s dry. Dig a finger into the soil around its roots, making sure to feel beneath the surface. Still damp? Hold off. Dry? Grab the H2O. Make sure your plant is subject to wild changes in temperatures.  Keep your plants way from A/C vents so they remain at a constant temperature. Make sure you have enough humidity, which should be a problem in the summer, but an issue in drier winter. You can create humidity tray by placing the pot on a tray of pebbles soaked in water. The plant will soak up the humidity as the water under the pebbles evaporates. You can also get a spray bottle and mist your tropical plants periodically with water.  Finally make sure your plant has plenty of root room to grow.  If roots are coming out of the drainage holes on the bottom of your pot, it's too small.  Signs of the pot being too small are wilting, yellowed leaves, and stunted plant growth. Plus you should regularly change the pot and soil of your plants to allow for growth and additional nutrients from fresh soil.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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