Tips On How To Become A 6AM Morning Workout Champion

June 13, 2018


 Experts say the best time to work out is in the morning, but let's be honest, it's super hard to get up and motivated so early in the day. However there are a lot of people who are somehow able to do it and they share some tips on how you can get your exercise done before the day officially begins. First all, ask yourself what kind of day you want to have.  While the effects of a better looking body are the result of exercise, most will agree truth it's the feeling that motivates them to work out.  Done at the beginning of a day, exercise is one way to fortify yourself against the mood-dampening effects of nasty emails, bad-tempered bosses and other niggling nightmares the day might bring. It simply makes you feel better for longer. And it's the best drug-free way to guarantee yourself a better mood. That mood can be achieved in as little as eight minutes and 28 seconds, at least for runners, to achieve that feeling of increased well-being that people who plod the pavement regularly get extremely evangelical about. For gym goers, it is achieved on average in about six minutes and 26 seconds, which is a great way to start the day.  Set incremental goals. Yes your goal is to lose 10 pounds but that is the long term goal. A short term goal is to walk an extra 5 minutes every week or add one more rep on the arm machine. Achieving those goals is similar to that "runner’s high" and will keep you motivated. Finally, find a reason why. Why do you want to get up at 6am to exercise? It's not enough to just want to lose the weight, a real why is emotional. Write down your why the night before you wake up and do so every night for two weeks until it becomes a habit (I will get out of bed to exercise tomorrow at 6am because I want to have a better day, I want to be a better boss, a more focused employee, a calmer parent or less stressed business person"). That helps your goal become one of the most important things in your life because your success in the rest of your life depends on it, not only in the long-term but also later that day.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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