Tips For Grilling The Best Backyard Burger!

June 21, 2018

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It is backyard cooking season and the most popular item cooked is the hamburger.  So this year, we've got some tips you can use to up your grilling game! First, make sure your beef isn't too lean.  There's time and place for lean meat, and it's not when you're making burgers. Using meat that's too lean results in burgers that are lacking in both flavor and texture, and easily end up dry and crumbly. Make your patties from ground beef with a high fat content; ideally 80% lean and 20% fat. When it comes to making your patties, less is more. How the meat is handled has a direct impact on the texture of the burger. It can be the difference between a loosely packed, tender, juicy burger, and a tough, dry puck. It's best to keep the handling to a minimum. You can prevent patty shrinkage when cooking by making a dimple in the middle. Use your fingers to press down the center of the patty so it's about a quarter-inch thinner that the outer edge to prevent shrinking and domed burgers. Make sure you are seasoning it before you place it on the grill. Seasoning the meat just before cooking is essential to making a good burger. Not only does it give you a burger that's full of flavor, but it also creates a loose patty with better texture. Finally, resist the urge to flatten the cooking patty with a spatula. This pushes those fantastic juices out of the burger, which are always better when enjoyed with your meal.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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