Tips On Gift-Giving And Sticking To Your Budget

December 13, 2016

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The National Retail Federation estimates we will spend around $600 on Christmas this year, with $460 budgeted for family, 76 for friends and $24 for co-workers with 43% of those surveyed saying travel expenses takes up most of that budget. Sticking to your budget shouldn't be stressful nor a big list require you to go over budget; after all this isn't a Hollywood movie!  Here are some simple tips to keep you on budget while covering everyone on your list. For instance, batch and bundle your gifts. If you have a large family, consider a personal gift that you can duplicate to all of your family, such as a family photo from the most recent outing or one from the past, in a nice frame.  Not only does it cut down on costs but it's a time saver!  DIY crafts show can really be memorable (the good kind) if the gift is tailored to the recipient.  So if you have an avid cooker on your list, instead of buying a set of high-priced knives, give them a cherished family recipe.  As for traveling, did you know you can save upwards of $100 per airline ticket by departing on Christmas Eve or Christmas day? Finally the most cherished gift of all is your time.  Perhaps a fun day of horse-back riding, kayaking at the springs of one of the dozens of places around the Heart of Florida could be the best gift of all and create those precious memories that are priceless.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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