Tips For Getting Airline Seats Together For Large Parties

June 27, 2018

If you haven't flown in a while then you're in for some disappointing news. Even when you’re booking a flight early, sometimes it can be hard for you to get a seat beside your travel companion. Airlines are making it increasingly difficult to select that perfect seat before you fly, which means that your family can sometimes end up spread across an airplane. So here are some booking tips you can use to keep together as you travel.  If you're traveling with friends and other family members, check to see who has "the status" on the airline you wish to travel.  Airlines, in general, are a bit more accommodating for frequent fliers. If your party is all booked together under a frequent flier’s account, then the airline will consider you more of a priority when it comes to special requests. Make sure you buy the same type of tickets.  Recently airlines have offered Basic Economy for a super low price.  But that price doesn't allow you to pick seats and in many cases, you are charged for bringing a carry on.  If you are unable to find seats together, it's time for plan B.  First, check in early. Most airlines allow you to check in up to 24 hours before your trip.  Check the seating options at that time as you may find seats have opened up and you can move closer together.  You can further check for seating options by talking to the gate agent, who usually arrives 30 minutes before the flight boards. Sometimes there are seats on planes that are held until flight time. The agent might be able to release a seat to handle your request. If not, then they can keep you in mind when someone else comes up to move their seat as well, or when the airline releases seats for passengers who clearly aren’t going to make their connection and catch your flight. 

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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