Tips To Dry Up Excessive Sweating

March 17, 2017

Last week we looked into a study that found gender isn't a factor in the amount you sweat but rather it is your size. But beyond size there are some people who simply sweat more often and that can be embarrassing when making a presentation where sweat stains your clothing.  Sweating is essential to regulate your body's temperature and about 3% of the population suffers from the medical condition called hyperhidrosis, many of us fall outside the medical diagnosis yet sweat a river the second you step outside.  So here are some recommendations to curb excessive sweating. #1-limit caffeine and other stimulants as they can trigger a sweating episode. #2-wear loose fitting, natural fibers. #3-Use antibacterial soap and make sure you’re completely dry after showering. This discourages bacteria, which causes odor, from forming on your body. Diet and weight also contribute to sweat so stay away from spicy foods and work to control your weight.  Perhaps investing in underarm liners and shoe inserts is a simple solution.  They are liquid absorbing pads you wear under your arm and in your shoes that soak up excessive sweat without showing.  Finally, talk with your Doctor to see if you indeed have a medical condition and the possible treatments available.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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