Tips To Bolster Your Chances Of A Promotion At The Office Christmas Party

December 14, 2016

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime

So the company Christmas party is coming up and while it's a festive celebration, it's about business and it never hurts to take advantage of the opportunity to move up the ladder.  Always a good rule of thumb is to resist the temptation to imbibe too many drinks.  Although he line between work and play may seem blurred, it is still work. Think carefully as to who will be in the room that will be a good contact and the best way to approach them. This can sometimes be the one chance of the year to speak with people who are higher up than you or who can influence your career. Don't completely overlook your peers though – if you plan on potentially managing them in the near future you will still benefit from positive relationships with them. When you do speak with the company leaders, remember to be a cheerleader for yourself but avoid discussing money.  Rather demonstrate why you are deserving of a promotion. Voice your ideas on a project in a social setting or bring up solutions to a problem your boss brought up earlier to your colleagues. Lastly, fashionably late is not acceptable for the office party. Management and directors are only at the bash for the early party of the evening so you need to use this short window of opportunity to its fullest.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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