Time And Money Saving Hack For Your Dishwasher

October 2, 2017

© Moreno Soppelsa | Dreamstime

We've found a hack that not only will dry your dishwasher dishes fast but will save you money.  Ready?  The second the final rinse cycle is complete, open the dishwasher door. Now of course your first reaction is why, as the drying cycle hasn't begin and all those dishes are going to remain wet, right?  Not necessarily true. The process is called flash drying and it works on the principle that your freshly cleaned dishes are extremely hot.  When you open the dishwasher door, a burst of steam greets you and that's how flash drying works by letting all that steam and hot water vaper escape, you can have dry dishes in less than 10 minutes without your dishwasher using any electricity.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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