Ticketed Man Says Police Clocked A Running Deer Instead of His Car

January 31, 2017

© James Phelps Jr | Dreamstime

No one likes getting a speeding ticket and although more time than not, the river is solely responsible.  But that doesn't stop some drivers from making excuses, such as the calibration of the officer's radar gun, mistaken them for another car or perhaps you clocked a running deer instead of the car. A Massachusetts driver was in court to dispute his speeding ticket. Dennis Sayers was traveling 40 mph in a 30 mph zone, according to court records and was issued a moving violation and fine of $105. As veteran police officer, Royster Johnson, was writing the ticket, Sayers asked if he was 100 percent sure his radar device captured Sayers’ speed or the speed of a deer that could have been in the vicinity. As the judge read the statement, Sayers said that "anything was possible" as the courtroom giggled.  A few minutes later the judge ruled in favor of the police department and Sayers $105 fine was reinstated along with court costs.  For the record, many sources state deer can run approximately 30 mph.

SOURCE: Newbury Port News

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