The Three Traits of Attractive People

January 18, 2017

© Andrey Popov | Dreamstime

Money? Fame? Charm? A toned body? What is it that makes some people more attractive than others? Although some have argued you are born with it, you can attribute attractiveness to these three qualities, a positive attitude, a balanced extroversion and confidence is all you need to win people over professionally, romantically and platonically. People who are optimistic have a longer life span, do better at work and are deemed more socially attractive.  Balancing your introversion with extroversion is sexy too.  Being able to socialize will make you happier and more willing to explore opportunities, so never underestimate the power of an open heart and a friendly smile.  Finally confidence. Being confident was voted as the most attractive personality trait because, say psychologists, it puts others at ease in your company and also helps elevate your social status.

SOURCE: MyDomaine

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