Three Red Flags Not To Ignore Before Accepting A Job

May 15, 2018

Nothing can be more exciting for your professional career than to surpass the skill set, nail the interview and get an offer that you can't possibly refuse.  But before you shake hands on the deal make sure you are paying attention to potential red flags that can spell trouble for you down the road.  According to these are signs you should be on the lookout for to make sure you are not walking into a hornet's nest. Obviously if you don't like your boss. When you have a chance to interview with the person who would be your direct supervisor, you should be evaluating how strong the chemistry is between you and how engaged they are with what you’re saying. They might be flipping through papers, answering emails or only half-listening to you, or maybe it’s subtler and you feel condescended to or disrespected. These are all bad signs, and you shouldn’t ignore them. The job description is unclear. If the job description sounds up your alley but also was vague regarding what your responsibilities or role might be, and especially if during the interview, the job doesn’t become any clearer, be wary. This is because not having a clear understanding of the role you’re walking into also robs you of the ability to prioritize your workload, make reasonable requests for promotion or wage increase or even functionally describe your role to a future employer. The workplace vibe feels off. If you have the opportunity to see the office, you should be observing as much as possible. There are physical aspects, like whether the lighting is good or the desk spaces make sense, but there’s also the psychological culture. Do people seem happy? Do they talk to each other in a friendly manner? It’s worth asking your interviewers directly if they enjoy working there. If they make sarcastic jokes or snide remarks, it’s definitely bad news.

SOURCE: SheKnows

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