Three Existing Drugs Might Treat Zika Infections

August 31, 2016


Some good news on the Zika Virus fight.  It appears there are three drugs already on the market that have been able to kill the Zika virus, however scientist are not sure if the drugs will actually work on humans who have the Zika virus.  The drugs, one currently used on cancer patients, one for liver damage caused by hepatitis C and one used for gut parasites, have all been very effective against Zika but only in the petri-dish. In the lab, all three treatments were able to prolong the life of cells when faced with Zika infection—and sometimes even recover completely, which is great considering scientist thought the damage was impossible to reverse. The next step is to test the drugs in animal models, then, if the results are replicated, test them on humans. The discovery is good news as Florida marks its 46th case of non-travel-related Zika cases.

SOURCE: Washington Post

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