Things We Do That Dogs Hate

April 4, 2018

© Monika Wisniewska | Dreamstime

Dog are such good sports!  For all the times we dressed them up in silly outfits to the kids tugging their ears and tail, we really make it hard for them sometimes.  But beyond that many customs we do as humans do not translate to canines according to pet experts.  While humans are vocal, dogs are visual.  Although they can understand the words, tones and patterns they do not understand our language. We can easily send mixed signals if we are only paying attention to what our mouths are saying and not what our bodies are saying. A great experiment (and something that will probably have your dog sighing with relief) is to try to spend a whole day not saying a word to your dog, but communicating only with your body. You’ll realize just how much you “talk” with your body without realizing it, how to use your movements and body position to get the response you need from your dog during training, and how involved a conversation can be without emitting a single sound.  Hugging is a human emotion but for a dog it is a sign of dominance. Depending on the dog's tolerance, you may be able to get away with a hug now and then. But if they begin to tense up, lean away from you and pull their ears back on their head, be prepared as your dog is uncomfortable. Finally petting their heads is a no-no.  As with hugging you are running the risk of the dog snipping at you or patting their head.  Instead, gently pet a dog’s back or rear, but don’t pat, and definitely don’t go for the dog's face. If you really want to reward your dog or show them affection, don’t bang on their head, but give them a rub on their rear end right by the tail. They’ll thank you for it!

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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