Things To Wash In the Dishwasher Besides Dishes

February 24, 2017

© Moreno Soppelsa | Dreamstime

In our multi-tasking world it makes sense that our dishwasher can wash more than dishes.  So hit the print button for these household items you can clean using your dishwasher.  #1-Hubcaps-No longer do you need to bend over or squat to clean the small crevices of your car's hub caps.  Simply pop them off, give a quick rinse with the garden hose and stick them into your dishwasher. #2-Tools.  Why spend extra money on chemical tool cleaners when a cycle in the dishwasher will leave them grease free and ready for work (just make sure they’re thoroughly dry to prevent rust).  Just place them in the silverware holder and you're off!  #3-toys.  Yes, wash away those germs but make sure to turn off the drying element to prevent the plastic from melting.  Also run a "sanitize" cycle as well. Other items to wash are hairbrushes, sponges, keys (minus the electronic fob), flip flops, dust pans and even potatoes. 

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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