Thieves Stiff Taxi Cab Driver Used In Crime Spree

November 10, 2016


Got to admit, these criminals have a system of ripping people off!  46-year old Kenneth Burke and 38 year-old Timothy Foote decided to rob a Deal, New Jersey apartment.  However they lacked a getaway vehicle, so they called a local cab company and shortly a taxi arrived.  According to the police report, the cab took the two men to an apartment and told the driver to wait out front as they went inside to rob it.  A short time later the dynamic duo returned to the waiting car with a TV and liquor bottles and told the driver to take them home.  Perhaps this would've been the perfect crime as the driver had no idea he was part of a crime spree.  But when the robbers stiffed the cab driver his fare, the police were called and the extent of the thieves was unveiled.


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