Thieves Pile Four Tons Of Stolen Oranges In The Back Seat Of Two Cars

February 2, 2018

© Athomas Athomas | Dreamstime

Normally when you think of a heist, its money, diamonds or a nuclear missile being stolen. While helping yourself to some fruit pieces may not raise too many red flags, stealing over four tons of oranges with many of them piled in the back seat of a sedan ca, you're gonna attract some attention!  Police in Spain came across the bizarre scene when they noticed a car and delivery truck traveling very closely together.  When the offices attempted to stop the tailgaters, they began a brief high speed chase. Being that the cars were laden with stolen fruit weighing as much as an elephant, the chase didn't last long. There was so much stolen oranges that they fell out of the car like ping pong balls when the door was opened.  In all police recovered more than four tons of oranges. The drivers claimed they had been traveling for quite a distance and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way. But cops didn’t buy it. They later learned the oranges were stolen from a shipment. All five thieves involved in the traffic stop were arrested for theft.

SOURCE: Fox 40

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