Thieves Make It Easy For Police By Stealing $18,000 Worth Of GPS Trackers

June 15, 2017


There are crimes that go unsolved for years and then there's the theft of dozens of GPS tracking devices from an electronics manufacturer in California.  The Roambee Corporation reported their facility had been robbed to police. As they reviewed that had been stolen included one beer from the refrigerator and a box that contained $18,000 worth of GPS trackers used to track shipments of bananas from Central America.  Although police had the fortune of being able to recover numerous fingerprints from the scene, tech workers realizing the trackers had been stolen simply activated them remotely and gave police the tracking software to locate them.  Within a few hours the stolen merchandise were recovered in a warehouse, along with other stolen property and drugs.  Although the suspected thieves were not present, they had kept two of the GPS trackers with them.  Two men were arrested after the GPS trackers led police to their whereabouts.  Representatives from the Roambee Corporation believe the thieves stole the trackers thinking they were cell phone chargers. Another positive aspect of the robbery is company plans to use the event in marketing to really show how well their product works.


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