Thieves Get Away Using In-Store Electric Scooters

January 17, 2018

© Susanne Neal | Dreamstime

In the movies criminals have their escape route all ready to go and usually it involves a waiting person in a getaway car the speeds down the road or thieves running at away from the scene of the crime.  That's in the movies.  In real life a criminal couple used the in-store electric scooters as getaway vehicles while stealing from a Pennsylvania Walmart. Police are searching for a man and woman who allegedly stole credit cards and cash from a woman's purse they found at a Walmart store in Pennsylvania on January 4th.  That same day the stolen cards were used to purchase items at another Walmart.  Police were able to match the charge times with the  surveillance video and are seeking information on two suspects that were slowly moving though the store on two in-store electric scooters.  The good news is the scooters were slow enough for police to post the suspects pictures all over town. The pictures must be really good because the couple turned themselves into police and stating they were deeply apologetic after allegedly using the woman's credit card. Charges are pending.


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