Thieves Become Heroes in Breaking Into Truck

August 1, 2016

How does a thief become a hero at the same time?  When the thief breaks into a car and unveils a dog locked inside. Surveillance video captures a white truck parking on a Chicago street a little after 9am last Wednesday morning, where the air temperature was already 80 degrees.  About 20 minutes later 4 young men walk past the parked truck and noticed a laptop computer sitting in the passenger seat.  One of them throws a rock through the truck window and grabs the laptop. Shortly afterwards, a German Shepherd appears to stick his head out of the shattered window. It wasn't for another 40 minutes before the owner returned to the scene of the crime. Police have not commented on the incident, which leads to speculation that the owner never reported the theft.

Video source: Irish Nobleman Pub

Source: WGN

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