Thief Leaves Math Homework At Scene Of Business Burglary

October 13, 2016


We couldn't wrap up the work week without a crazy criminal story.  This one is courtesy of Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land, Texas.  It was Labor Day Monday and the dealership was closed for the day, which two thieves thought was the perfect opportunity to break in and rob the dealership. Surveillance video shows a car pulling up to the side of the building and a tall, thin man rummages through the trunk, puts on a backpack (obviously with tools to break in) and a purple hoodie.  A few moments later the burglar successfully broke in and began heading towards the finance office with a crowbar.  An off duty Sugar Land police officer, who was moonlighting as a security guard, heard noise inside the building and spotted the purple-hooded perpetrator with the crowbar and told him to drop it.  The man did drop it and then began to run away.  The officer lost sight of him as surveillance video shows the man running from the building and then speeding away in a white, four-door vehicle with a sun roof that was driven by another person.  However this criminal forgot his backpack, where the off-duty officer searched it to find pry bars, gloves, a mallet, bolt cutters, cutting blades and three pieces of paper that appeared to be math homework. Nothing was stolen from the dealership and police are still looking for the man.  We suspect the culprit would be easily to find at neighboring schools for not turning in their math homework!

SOURCE: City of Surgar Land, Texas 

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