Thief Leaves Empty-Handed After Halloween Decoration Startles Him

November 2, 2016

© Alexander Raths Dreamstime

We use locks, bars, surveillance and security monitoring services to keep thieves breaking into our homes stealing items from our property.  But you would never think of a Halloween decoration thwarting a thief. Sherrie Pelt of Titusville is upset that a criminal attempted to steal her life-size Bride of Dracula Halloween decoration on the porch of her home Sunday Night but is also laughing at his fear of the undead.  According to a surveillance video, a man approached the Bride of Dracula statue and was attempting to place it in a bear hug and run away with his prize.  However he was unaware of the motion activated lights and sound it make when her bride bouquet of flowers was touched.  As soon as the criminal touched it, the bride began to speak and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree; startling the thief so much that be dash away empty-handed.  She's has posted it to a crime-fighting social media website and is hoping someone can identify the man, perhaps easily identifiable by his soiled underwear and pants!


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