These Are The Most Dangerous Fireworks On The Market

June 27, 2017

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The fourth of July is a week from today and as Americans celebrate Independence Day with backyard BBQ's ice cream cones and an evening of fireworks.  Each year, around 10,500 people are rushed into emergency rooms with firework related injuries.  Of those people seeking medical attention, over 90% are men with the average age of 24.  But upon closer inspection of medical records found that 86% of injuries involve shell-and-mortar-style fireworks, making them the most dangerous Fourth of July pyrotechnic on the market.  Adults accounted for most (86%) of all shell-and-mortar injuries, while teens were most likely to be hurt by homemade fireworks and children were most likely to be injured by rockets. hand, face and brain injuries are the most common injuries.  More than a third of people who suffered a hand injury from a firework had to have at least a partial amputation.  In fact, researchers say legal shell-and-mortar-style fireworks are more dangerous than the illegal kind.  Remember that all fireworks should be treated with care and respect.  Be careful using fireworks and perhaps stay away from alcoholic beverages, which can impair your judgment in using fireworks.

SOURCE: University of Washington Health Services

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