There's A Science In Picking The Cleanest Bathroom Stall

April 14, 2017

© Rosco | Dreamstime

It's a dilemma that occurs in every public restroom in the world, the stall selection.  Choose wisely as incoming competition is also vying for the cleanest stall.  Science has chimed in to aid your selection and it may be the most uncomfortable position to be in, the front of the restroom.  First, men and women typically pick stalls differently.  For women, it's usually furthest stall from the entrance while men generally don't have a location preference.  But most men and women generally choose a stall in the middle, which means they are the most likely to be dirty, out of toilet paper or out of order.  That leaves the stall closest to the restroom entrance as the best odds of being the cleanest. Due to its location closest to the sinks, hand dryers and entrance, most people avoid it, presumably because of the foot traffic.  So if cleanliness is what you seek for relief, try the first stall, first. The study also found out other restroom habits, such as women are more likely to visit the men’s bathroom than vice versa, because of the shorter lines, and only 2% of women actually sit down on the toilet in a public restroom, while the vast majority employ the hover method.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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