There Is A Certain Time When Eating Sugar Is Encouraged

September 28, 2017


For most of our lives we've been told eating sugar is not healthy for you and for the most part, that statement is true, especailly the procesed varities.  But there are times when sugar is not only okay to eat but essential for endurance, such as your workout. While focus is centered on protein and healthy fats, sugar and other carbs have been shunned.  But if you find your endurance at the gym is lackluster, it may mean you are not eating enough carbs.   Keep in mind there are two types of carbs.  Complex, such as veggies, grain, rice, potatoes and beans and simple, which is simply sugar found in fruits, unsweetened fruit juices and the sugar that occurs naturally in dairy products called lactose.  Your body uses them differently.  While it takes your body a few hours to break down the complicated chains of carbs, sugar is rapidly digested.  So if your endurance is suffering, work on adding some carbs back into your diet as each body burns them differently.  So if you have a late morning workout, include something like wholegrain toast with peanut butter and honey as part of your breakfast.  If you have your workout in 30 to 60 minutes, go with a simple carb such as a piece of fruit for that quick bust of energy. Either way your endurance should improve.  Because there are so many different foods that do so many different things, it's best to talk with a nutritionist to tailor a food diet that works best to achieve your goals.


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