There Is An Art To Falling To Protect Yourself From Serious Injury

June 14, 2017

© Luis Alvarenga | Dreamstime

Did you know there is a proper way to fall?  As crazy as it may sound, falling injuries are the most common cause of injury-related emergency room visits, with nearly 8 million cases happening every year.  Those falls can be dangerous if it involves hitting your head with injuries that could be life threatening.  So yes, physical therapists have tips for falling properly so your tumble doesn't end in the emergency room.  The key is to protect your head and to try and fall on your side.  As we fall, we try to fight it and a tense body, hands extended to catch ourselves and those conditions lead to a greater risk of injury.  So if you find yourself falling, tuck your chin in to protect your head, keep your arms by your side or up to soften the blow to your head.  Falling on outstretched hands could result in a broken wrist, just as falling on your knees could damage them.  Take a tip from paratroopers and sky divers, who don't fight the fall to Earth.  Roll with your fall and go slightly limp and shift body weight to spread out and absorb the impact.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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