Thanksgiving Travel Times To Avoid Traffic Congestion

November 15, 2017


Traffic is never fun and holiday traffic can get your eye twitching with anxiety but if you look at historical trends, as Google did, you head off to your Thanksgiving destination with minimal delays if you break your habits.  First, the absolute worst time to travel on the road for Thanksgiving is Wednesday.  Wednesday evening and afternoon traditionally are the heaviest travel times and since you've completed a full (or half) day at work, you are generally more tired too and that can be a recipe for disaster.  Conversely, the worst time to return home after Thanksgiving is Saturday afternoon and evening.  But there is hope for a less stressful drive. The recommendations are for you to wake up early Thanksgiving morning (6am-ish) and travel to your destination as the roads should be less congested.  As for returning home, early Sunday morning seems to be the rule (6am-ish) followed by Saturday morning (6am-ish). Also check ahead to see if your route is under construction and consider an alternative route to avoid delays even at less congested times.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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