Thanksgiving Leftover Etiquette

November 21, 2017

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We spend so much time preparing for the Thanksgiving guest list and meal that we give little thought to the leftovers and in particular the proper protocol.  So if you are hosting or an invited guest here are some suggested guidelines on how to divvy up leftovers. #1-If you are invited to a pot luck Thanksgiving, it is improper to take your own dish back as a leftover.  Your dish is a gift to the host and guests, so if you want some leftovers from your green bean casserole, them prepare enough that you have a private stash at home you never brought! #2-If your dish is untouched by the host or guest you still cannot take it back (for it too is a gift to the host and guest).  However if the host asks you if you want to take your food home with you because it was never served, go for it. But don't politic for it and angle for its return.  That's just rude. #3-as host it is totally okay to ask everyone to bring their own "to-do" containers.  Not only does it free your guest from the burden of scheduling a time to return your container to you, but it also takes the burden off you to provide containers for everyone. It's a win-win for all. #4-While donating food to food banks is a noble idea, perishable foods are generally not accepted at food banks.  However a suggestion to bring joy to those who have to work on Thanksgiving is to contact your fire department, first responders and law enforcement to see if they'd like leftovers.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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