Thanksgiving Foods That Are Okay For Pets

November 22, 2017


We give thanks tomorrow with our family and friends.  Part of our family is our pets but not all foods we eat are safe for your dogs and cats to consume.  So here are some Thanksgiving foods that are hazards and other that are OK in moderation.  Turkey is ok for our carnivore comrades but make sure it is well cooked and free of bones. Sweet potatoes are OK too but before you add marshmallows, butter or brown sugar (the same for mashed potatoes-give them a small bite prior to adding butter, cream or salt). Green beans and carrots are ok too.  Foods to avoid giving your pets include stuffing as the onions and garlic can damage their red blood cells. Cranberry sauce containing grapes, raisins or currants, which are toxic. Although dogs and cats love pumpkin, pumpkin pie should be kept for humane only. This tasty holiday mainstay has lots of sugar and spices that aren't necessary or beneficial for your pet. Plus, the whipped cream or topping may be too rich for dogs and hard to digest for lactose-intolerant cats.


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