Teva Sandals and Ugg Boots Create Hybrid Shoe

September 19, 2016


There are two camps of fashion don'ts in footwear, Teva sandals and Ugg boots. Teva, the sands you wear when you have given up on fashion, especially when paired with a pair of socks and Uggs, the house slipper that somehow became a fashion icon have merged both sides of the footwear fashion spectrum and created a Teva Ugg hybrid, simply called the TevaxUgg.  Imagine the sole and Velcro straps of the Teva sandal with an Ugg upper, full of puffy wool. Some reviewers are calling it the mullet of shoes. Both Teva and Ugg are owned by the Australian company, Deckers, who says both shoe brands rich heritage compliment the new hybrid shoe. There are two styles: fur-lined open sandals, or the boot style, each designed for when you’re not sure if you’re hot or cold.  TevaUggs are available in stores and online with the sandal price at $175 per pair and the boot for $225.


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