Chip Bags With The Most And Least Amount Of Air

July 10, 2018

© Hanhanpeggy | Dreamstime

The anticipation of eating your favorite chips is quickly deflated when you are greeted by a huge pocket of air and seven sad chips tumbling at the bottom. Cabinet makers, Kitchen Cabinets Online, decided to test 14 national chip brands to measure the air to chip ratio in each bag, using a water displacement method to find out which bags held the highest percentage of air.  On average, there is 43% of air (actually nitrogen) in a bag of chips.   There's a good reason as the nitrogen keeps the chips crisp and helps the fragile chips from breaking too much in transit.  But it appears that Cheetos has teh most sealed in air with 59% of the bag filled with air.  Ruffles, Stacy's Pita Chips and Doritos rank high too. As for the best bang for your chip buck, Tostitos, Pringles and Fritos have the least amount of air, with Tostitos at 34%, Pringles at 28% and Fritos at 19%.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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