Tennessee Teen Suspended From School Over One Chicken Nugget

November 4, 2016

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All is well for Carson Koller, an Eagle Scout and captain of the high school band's drum line, after a nightmare week involving one chicken nugget. According to his mother, Carrie Koller Waller, Carson received a one day school suspension for allegedly buying one extra chicken nugget.  Apparently the growing teenager was a very hungry Monday while working his way through the lunch line at a Knoxville, Tennessee high school.  Instead of receiving the 5 nuggets normally given to students, he took 6 and proceeded to the cashier.  According to the letter Carrie wrote to the school, "He took six total nuggets. He entered his number, and the cashier rang him up. The cashier then realized Carson had more food than what she calculated. He entered his number again and paid the additional charge."  However the school thought Carson took the extra nugget without paying and after band practice, suspended him.  However a screenshot of the charges on his food account revealed not only did Carson pay for the extra food, he was double-charged.  One charge of $2.50 (for the 5 nuggets), one charge for $2.75 (for the extra) and then again a charge for $2.50 (which we can assume should've been a void of the original $2.50. Once this was presented to the principal, Carson's suspension was rescinded, only missing one morning class Tuesday.  The school offered an apology for the incident and explained they were only following school policy regarding stealing of food and, we hope, will be more diligent in reviewing items before handing out punishment.

SOURCE: Knoxville News Sentinel

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