Teens Have Trouble Smelling Sweat, Smoke and Soap

January 23, 2017

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Teenagers may have some science to back up their parents’ claims they smell.  A study in Denmark says teens are less likely to notice the smell of sweat, cigarette smoke and soap than adults. 410 people under the age of 50 were given different scents to smell. While most participants were able to distinguish strong scents like gasoline, coffee and fish, it found adolescents aged between 12 and 18, 16% could not identify the smell of soap, compared to 87% of of adults knowing it. 14% of them could not recognize the smell of sweat, compared to 92% of adults identifying it.  10% couldn't identify cigarette smoke compared to 97% of adults. The study provides a possible explanation for why teenagers are seemingly immune to the smell in their rooms. The findings, published in the Journal of Chemical Senses, suggests identifying odor-specific knowledge accumulates throughout life time.  On the flip side, teens are able to sniff out junk foods, like soda, candy and potato chips, much easier than adults.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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