A Teenager's Messy Bedroom Can Be Hazardous To Your Feet

February 9, 2017

© Jo Ann Snover | Dreamstime

Teenagers can leave a lot to be desired with the upkeep of their bedrooms. 18-year old Julia Pecher is no exception as her mess also includes Christmas decorations still up and room of half-opened drawers, clothes laying all across the floor and phone charger adaptors and cords hidden under articles of clothing. Recently she was preparing for an evening of popcorn and Netflix.  While searching for a show to watch, the microwave beeped that her popcorn was ready.  In her own words, "I got so excited that UI literally jumped off my bed." Sadly for her left foot, as she jumped off the bed, it was impaled by an iPhone wall charger.  Julia cried for her mother to come and help but in typical youthful glee, she was able to grab her phone and post a few pictures of her injury online, stating, "when your room is this messy, you have to accept the consequences of not being able to see where you step."

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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