Teenage Girls Invite Elderly Woman To Join Them Because She Missed her Friends

February 1, 2017

© Tommyandone | Dreamstime

Such a sweet story of how a young group of friends made the day of an older woman who was reminded of being young.  18-year old Mahri Smith was out with a group of friends at a casino in Ottawa, Canada when the troupe went into the bathroom to freshen up.  As many groups of young girls do, they decided to take some pictures and a few selfies.  Without really noticing, there was an elderly woman also in the bathroom who couldn't help but notice the girls.  She politely tapped Mahri on the shoulder and offered to take a photo of all of them. Mahri appreciated the offer, thought it was sweet, and began talking with the woman.  As the conversation continued, the woman complimented the girls on their outfits and just being around them warmed her heart.  Mahri said that when the woman said that she remembered doing the same thing with her girlfriends and how she missed it.  Mahri said the woman's words touched her and prompted her as she was finishing with the pictures, to join them.  Mahri said, "Why miss it, we are all out right now, aren't we?" The girls took some more photos with the elderly woman and chatted a little longer before she had to part as her husband was waiting for her outside the restroom.  Mahri shared the story and the photos online and people are falling in love with the story, of how just taking a few moments to be kind to a stranger can really make their day!

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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