Teen Proposes Prom Date With A 5.5 Mile Run

March 13, 2017

© Anja Peternelj | Dreamstime

Spring is around the corner, kids in Marion, Citrus, Columbia, Dixie & Levy County are on spring break and prom is just around the corner.  Over the years we've witnessed some spectacular stunts, or proposals, of people asking for a date.  For 2017 it appears Joran Fuller of Findlay, Ohio has set the bar. Joran is a member of his high school cross-country team, along with Claire Short wanted to ask her to prom.  So he grabbed his running shoes, his iPhone, turn on Strava app, which tracks your running route and set off.  He proceeded to run a 5.5 mile route through the streets of town that spelled out, "prom?" 

As Joran cooled down, he heated up the heart of Claire as she received his proposal via Twitter, quickly re-tweeting it and including her comment, ‘But did your prom date run 5.5 miles to ask you?’ We can only assume she said yes!

SOURCE: Running Magazine

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